Chapati vs. Rice: What do I eat for weight loss?

Chapati-vs-rice What do I eat for weight loss
Chapati-vs-rice What do I eat for weight loss

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. The reason is that diet is a difficult thing for those who have eaten Chapati and rice. So we say the way to reduce your weight with Chapati.

We decided to lose weight, start exercising, and diet everything. But a great confusion will come within us. Many people suggest you eat that and don’t eat this. someone will say you do not eat rice, some others will say chapati that it is not good, but rice is better than Chapati. Are you confused like this? Let go of worry. Let’s take a look at whether rice is good or chapati is good for your weight loss. Here’s how to plan your diet plan, the benefits of this diet plan, and how to get rid of your illness.

A carb diet is the best choice.

Indian diets are high in carbohydrates for our weight loss. So people who want to lose weight should first try to reduce carbohydrate diet. These two are the most loved and eaten chapatti by the Indian people. So avoiding these two is a little difficult. That’s why we’re going to tell you here what’s best for you to lose weight. Does a high intake of carbohydrates, whether chapati or rice, increase the body’s fat content?

Rice or Chapati?

 When it comes to weight loss, I can say that chapati beats rice. Although there is no major difference in nutrients between the two, the sodium content of rice is very low. That’s it if you take chapati 120g wheat is 190mg. Not only that, rice is low in fiber, protein, and fat, as found in chapatis. Rice is very low in these nutrients. These nutrients are one of the most essential for weight loss. So these are more common in Chapati, so Chapatis the best for you when it comes to weight loss. Also, think about how much rice you should eat if your stomach is full after eating two Chapati. The same goes for rice which will easily burn your calories. But because Chapati are low in calories, they suddenly do not put on weight. Well, let’s see how you can blow your diet with this chapati.

Chapati are low carbs?

Chapati are very low in carbohydrates. 

It also contains a lot of fiber and protein. Both of these are essential nutrients for weight loss. 15 grams of carbs in a 6-inch chapati, 3 g protein Contains 0.4 grams of fiber. The amount of calories in chapati is less than that of rice. Carb size is also low.


If you want to lose weight you must first calculate the number of carbs you will take. For example, if you need 250 grams of carbs a day, set aside 75 grams for Chapati. You can take up to 4-5 Chapati at a time. Then you may need 15 – 16 chapatis a day. You should also take into account the carbohydrates in the foods you add in between, such as sugar, milk, and soda. 

Eat in the first half of the day

 Experts recommend that those who want to lose weight take carbohydrate foods like chapati in the first half of the day. Take this only for lunch or until a 4 p.m. It is also important to get the carbohydrates you need because carbohydrates are the nutrients that give our body energy. You will feel tired if you reduce the carbs intake too much. If you follow this method a little bit, you can lose weight a little faster.

How many chapatis can you eat in a day? 

The number of Chapati can be determined according to your weight loss and your carbohydrate requirement. Chapatis are low in calories so you should not overdo it. Then there will be no change in your weight. So those who want to be on a diet should only take up to 4 chapatis a day. 4 Chapati should not be taken in large size. It can take up to four chapatis in medium size.

Dinner should be over by 8 p.m

If you are going to take chapati for dinner finish the meal at 7.30. Only then will the stomach be light and well digested while sleeping. Try to finish the chapati in the evening as much as possible. 

No matter how much work you do, finish it fast and eat dinner before eight. Avoid the habit of eating more than eight hours. Likewise after dinner, go to bed as fast as possible. Do not stay awake for a long time after eating.

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